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ECA Forum Rules

Post  Foxtrot on Sun May 29, 2011 3:21 pm

These are the rules of the forums. Please follow them.
Please note that ECA uses the "3 Strikes Your Out" Policy

1. No spamming. (No repeating yourself)

2. No racism. (Results in immediate bann)

3. No harassment to other members. (Your profile will be banned from Forums for short time)

4. No sexual remarks. (Could result in a immediate bann and removal from clan.)

5. No Hacks. (Take your game ruining hacks else where. We don't want them. (Will Result in immediate removal from clan.)

6. If you are removed from the clan, suck it up and move on. (No Cry Babies)

7. If you think that your bann/ punishment isn't fair, you can appeal your case to the Admin or one of the Generals.

Have a good day. Smile

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